The Fortress of Knowledge application is the premier study tool on the web. Our virtual on line application offers a combination of powerful audio presentations that play while the study material rest on your screen in our virtual book.


Please sign up for our Virtual Application and enjoy the benefits of having powerful spiritual knowledge at your fingertips.

For only the word of God is within these virtual walls.


The applications purpose is to provide a virtual channel of communication with God through high level biblical presentations tailored to be the most powerful in circulation.


We offer weekly biblical presentations as well as presentations of various books within the bible. They are presented only after a meticulous research technique has been completed. The Angelic Army’s research technique is comprised of a detailed biblical review within the Hebrew and Greek Languages.


These are the original languages that were spoken during biblical times. So therefore in order to understand what was truly said we must be diligent within our research surrounding the diversity of tongues that are being used within scripture.


By performing this analysis we are able to extract the true meanings within words and statements that are in most instances hidden within the language gap. This meticulous review provides for an eye opening experience within the entire Word of God!


Also all presentations are published into Books/CD’s so that the fellow soldier of God can master the various presentations at their own pace.


By offering our materials in Book/CD format, it places these powerful presentations at your fingertips maximizing your control over your own spiritual destiny. The benefits are life altering.





Overview of the Application:


Sign Up Process:

You can access the sign up section on the home page. Follow the prompts in order to obtain a unique password. Upon receipt begin the log in process.


Log In Process:

After you log in you will be taken into the virtual application coming to rest on the home page. Simply select the enter button and you will move into the facility.



The lobby is the central hub of the platform. From here you have access to all of the inner workings of the Fortress of Knowledge.


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Upon exiting any of the selections you will be prompted to return to the lobby.






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